‘Put on your own oxygen mask, before helping others’.

This is a familiar phrase, right? Typically heard on an airplane during the take-off safety presentation (unless you are a firefighter of course). But the truth is, this is actually really sound advice for any situation. The rationale behind this instruction is that, if you cannot breath you risk losing oxygen and becoming unconscious beforeContinue reading “‘Put on your own oxygen mask, before helping others’.”

What is resilience? How can we build it in ourselves and others?

In a recent article published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools I reflect on the role of the personal tutor and an inclusive learning environment. See the article here. This last week I have been thinking about resilience. It has been talked about a lot lately. It has been dubbed a positive by-product ofContinue reading “What is resilience? How can we build it in ourselves and others?”

What is wellbeing, anyway?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of wellbeing – yoga retreats, mindfulness, eating well and green tea spring to mind. That is the wonderful power of marketing (OK, with a dash of research thrown in).  While this is exactly what constitutes wellbeing for some; others couldn’t think of anything worse (my husbandContinue reading “What is wellbeing, anyway?”