Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year (in terms of daylight hours anyway), and the time of year where the sun reaches its maximum declination. It is celebrated all around the world. Welcome to the first day of summer, and the growing season for agriculture! Whether you celebrate like the Danish by building aContinue reading “Summer Solstice”

My 6 Tips for ‘Wellness’

As it is wellbeing week, I thought I would share some tips for finding that sense of ‘wellness’.  These tips have come from my research into wellbeing and quality of life.  If you have not read it yet, I recommend reading a previous post of mine – ‘what is wellbeing, anyway?’ which highlights the subjectiveContinue reading “My 6 Tips for ‘Wellness’”

It’s just a tree…… isn’t it?

OK. I admit this is a really random post. But, it is something that has been on my mind after I read an article which basically said that we only see value in trees when they are chopped down. It was a dig at capitalist-value and the damage on the environment, but it did getContinue reading “It’s just a tree…… isn’t it?”

Lockdown fatigue – yes it’s a thing!

It is true! There is a legitimate reason we have been feeling a little less motivated to do……well, anything during this third and (hopefully) final lockdown. We can blame the winter months, the cold dark nights, the short days and lack of vitamin D. But if like me, you have had a bit of aContinue reading “Lockdown fatigue – yes it’s a thing!”

‘Put on your own oxygen mask, before helping others’.

This is a familiar phrase, right? Typically heard on an airplane during the take-off safety presentation (unless you are a firefighter of course). But the truth is, this is actually really sound advice for any situation. The rationale behind this instruction is that, if you cannot breath you risk losing oxygen and becoming unconscious beforeContinue reading “‘Put on your own oxygen mask, before helping others’.”

Waiting for opportunity? Let’s take a walk in the woods.

If you take a woodland walk you are likely to come across natural walkways such as the one pictured here. There is something I really like about these natural woodland footpath – it is as if the trees are guiding the way to a new landscape. Let’s take a closer look.  The tall trees areContinue reading “Waiting for opportunity? Let’s take a walk in the woods.”

Innovating Course Delivery: an education cocktail that’s shaken, not stirred.

Institutions globally, are preparing for change. With a focus on flexible approaches to learning, I can’t help but think about the opportunities which may present themselves over the coming months. Both academics and students will have an opportunity to develop their skills, explore innovative technologies and will embark on a new way of working. ThisContinue reading “Innovating Course Delivery: an education cocktail that’s shaken, not stirred.”

What is resilience? How can we build it in ourselves and others?

In a recent article published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools I reflect on the role of the personal tutor and an inclusive learning environment. See the article here. This last week I have been thinking about resilience. It has been talked about a lot lately. It has been dubbed a positive by-product ofContinue reading “What is resilience? How can we build it in ourselves and others?”

Life after PhD: the anti-climax

Let’s go back 2 years: My PhD has been my life for what feels like forever.  I submit my thesis, turn around, and……………oh, OK; no brass band.  Where is that overwhelming feeling of exhilaration?…….I’m too tired for that.   This was the feeling I had for my pre-viva and post-viva submission.  It is normal.  What cameContinue reading “Life after PhD: the anti-climax”

Why Working from Home is like Riding a Motorbike

Just for fun, here is a list of why I think working at home is like riding a motorbike: It takes a little while to warm up. You need the human equivalent of V-Power fuel for the best performance (in my case, coffee!!) Your tea consumption is generally higher than any other kind of day.Continue reading “Why Working from Home is like Riding a Motorbike”