Kevlar- radical innovation and consumer value

Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist from Delaware, created Kevlar in 1965 as she worked for DuPont. What we know today as ‘Kevlar’, like many innovations, was stumbled upon by accident. Stephanie was working in a research team, looking for a replacement for steel which could be used for racing tyres. During the research, Stephanie had becomeContinue reading “Kevlar- radical innovation and consumer value”

One Man’s Climb: a journey of trauma, tragedy and triumph on K2.

I love mountains and exploring the outdoors. The further off the beaten track, the better. So it was only natural that I would be drawn to this book. Going beyond abstract thought, this book really gave insight into Adrian’s K2 journey.  Triumph, yes….naturally.  Trauma- wow, beyond any comprehension, and tragedy- the raw reality of theContinue reading “One Man’s Climb: a journey of trauma, tragedy and triumph on K2.”

Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess

I was drawn to this book as I have an interest in rural living. It did not disappoint. The book is one of a series which tells the story of the life of Amanda Owen and her family who live (you guessed it) in Yorkshire. Amanda had a passion for farming from a young age,Continue reading “Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess”

They are Leeds, they have won the Championship, and they have been promoted to the Premier League!

Wow, what a season this has been for Leeds United. When Italian entrepreneur Andrea Radrizzani bought 50% stake in Leeds United in 2017, the club was not in a good place. Five months later, Andrea acquired 100% ownership, with the ambition of ‘bringing Leeds home’. A typical entrepreneur, Andrea openly admits that he was attractedContinue reading “They are Leeds, they have won the Championship, and they have been promoted to the Premier League!”

I decided to go to University, and here’s why.

My name is Shanice Wallace and I am thirty years of age. I went to university as a mature student because I felt that my ambition had outpaced my access to new opportunities. During my time at university, I often reminded myself how blessed I was to be doing something that I absolutely loved.  However,Continue reading “I decided to go to University, and here’s why.”

André the Giant

What a story to start with. I watched the documentary on Sky this week. Tea in one hand, chocolate in the other.  I used to like watching wrestling as a kid. Hulk Hogan was the big name at the time. Loud music, colourful consumes, terrible acting and really (really) enthusiastic spectators- what was not toContinue reading “André the Giant”