Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year (in terms of daylight hours anyway), and the time of year where the sun reaches its maximum declination. It is celebrated all around the world. Welcome to the first day of summer, and the growing season for agriculture!

Whether you celebrate like the Danish by building a bonfire and burning a witch (hopefully not a real one), follow the Swiss by collecting herbs and dancing, or prefer to sunbathe, meditate, sing or practice yoga, there are so many ways to see in summer.

Personally, I try and get out whenever it’s sunny, and you can’t always guarantee a dry Summer Solstice. Though this year, 2022, the weather is behaving.

At New Year I posted across my social media channels (@BerwynWalks) that there are other times for reflection and change. Not just New Year. So if you do nothing to celebrate Summer Solstice, but have something in your life you want to change, this could be a good time to pause, think, reflect and make those changes. Away from the public eye of New Year resolutions, you can quietly make changes for yourself. Some find this easier because society and the media tend to treat New Year resolutions as a fad or something short-lived (urgh, that negative fail-pressure).

Last night I took a Nordic Walk along way the Welsh coast, which ended Spring nicely. This morning I have seen so many sunrise pictures from the early hours- they’re amazing to see. I am currently on the West coast of Wales overlooking the sea, so I’ll enjoy today in relaxation and await the sunset.

Whatever you do today- have a wonderful day!

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