Waiting for opportunity? Let’s take a walk in the woods.

If you take a woodland walk you are likely to come across natural walkways such as the one pictured here. There is something I really like about these natural woodland footpath – it is as if the trees are guiding the way to a new landscape.

Woodland Footpath

Let’s take a closer look.  The tall trees are well-routed and established.  At first glance, the tall trees provide cover.  They protect the ground below from wind, rain and snow. 

They are good places to escape a freak rain-storm.  However, if we look at things a little differently, the shade crated by the tall trees generally limits the growth of the vegetation below. Unless of course, you are in a tropical rain forest with its multiple layers of vegetation. 

Symbolism and mindfulness around woodland walks tend to focus on energy, grounding and letting go of materialistic aspects of our lives.  However, I like to think of things in more practical terms. 

Who or what are your tall trees? Do they protect you and give you space to grow? Or, are they limiting your growth?

You may be able to relate to both perspectives.  If you feel nurtured by the tall trees, great. Though be cautious of those trees which provide a false sense of security.  The conditions may look good for growth, but some flowers do not grow where trees have turned soil acidic. Remember, the tall trees in this analogy can be people, places, or situations.

If you feel those tall trees are limiting your growth, what can be done?  Can you shift your position like the leaves of a plant that seeks sun? Those trees are big and are not likely move without force or a radical change in the weather.  That is, if you have any ability to move them at all. 

That said, there are some barriers which are modifiable and some that are not.  Is there a barrier to opportunity that you can remove yourself?  If there are barriers which are fixed (or non-modifiable) do you wait it out? Perhaps knowing that when one tree falls it leaves a gap where the light can shine through?

Do you wait for opportunity? Or do you reposition and look for a proactive growth strategy?

A Rowan Sapling

The second image here, was taken a short distance from the woodland walkway (pictured above).  A Rowan tree has taken route in a gatepost.  There is vast amount of space surrounding this particular gate post.  Yet, it has taken route here.  Why? I won’t attach a symbolic rational to it.  The seed was probably blown into a hole inside the gatepost or it was likely placed in there by a passer-by. Regardless of whether its location is purposeful or by coincidence, it has grown there.  The fact it was in a gatepost made it stand out.  It made me take a photograph of it and share it on social media- I thought it was quite an unusual sight.   I wanted to tell someone else about it. Are you with me?.. ………It stood out!

So, while you are thinking about ways to chop down prohibiting tall trees to remove your barriers to opportunity, perhaps take a step back to reflect and see if you can shift your focus.  By all means look for opportunities, but also be ready for those which may come to you.

Can you position yourself differently? Can you highlight your uniqueness to stand out from the crowd?  

For those seeking employment: create a profile which shows your personality.  What are your business interests?  What is the sector you are interested in?  Identify your niche and market yourself within it.  Create an ecosystem which supports your growth.

For those in employment:  be known for your niche.  Build your reputation for a particular area of expertise and again, create an ecosystem which supports your growth.

What is your niche? What is it that makes you…….you? 

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