Why Working from Home is like Riding a Motorbike

Just for fun, here is a list of why I think working at home is like riding a motorbike:

  1. It takes a little while to warm up.
  2. You need the human equivalent of V-Power fuel for the best performance (in my case, coffee!!)
  3. Your tea consumption is generally higher than any other kind of day.
  4. It is acceptable to eat cake most of the day (or is that just a thing amongst my motorbike tribe?)
  5. If you sit down for too long without standing up you start to get numb- everything.
  6. You don’t worry what you look like, no one can see your face/hair anyway, until you get to a petrol station and it becomes etiquette to take off your helmet! Think of the Zoom meeting like your petrol station stop- this is a good time to refuel after all…’more tea please!’
  7. After turning on your webcam to join your colleagues on Zoom, you realise you are not as visible as you thought you were- is your face even on anyone’s screen? Should I have worn a bright colour to stand out? (will anyone notice if I turn my webcam off?)
  8. No matter how well you style your hair in the morning, it will be a mess by the end of the day. This applies to all- except the lucky few who have managed to check in for hair appointments recently!
  9. Practical flat shoes take over from heels or brogues.
  10. We have all found common ground with each other.
  11. If a wasp enters your personal space it becomes a challenge to get it out the window (or visor) as fast as possible.
  12. Finally, at the end of the day it seems appropriate to let someone know you have survived the day.
Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav on Pexels.com

Can you think of any more?

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