The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Author unknown
Accredited by British Nordic Walking CIC and the INWA.

Berwyn Nordic Walking & Guided Walks is part of The Rambling Business Academic, a Trademarked brand. All content is subject to Copyright.

‘I am delighted to be part of the Good Business Charter community, and that my business The Rambling Business Academic, has been recognised as a good, ethical and sustainable business. Our aim is to support people as well as businesses in realising their potential, whilst maintaining good quality of life and work life balance. We want to take people into creative spaces and give them an opportunity to get outside of their comfort zones to build businesses which reflect their identity, support the development of a strong and resilient workforce, and support people on their own learning journeys from those in education to those with established businesses, or even those looking for a career change or who are ready to retire and are not ready to be ‘put out to grass’.  I really feel the Good Business Charter reflects what we do, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.’

**The Rambling Business Academic is a Trademarked brand. All content is subject to Copyright.

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